Image of an iPhone displaying Facebook on its screen beside the text, “Business Page vs. Personal Profile: Which do you need?

You’ve heard it over and over again: If you want to succeed in reaching more potential clients and customers, you need to be on Facebook.

But as Facebook has evolved over the years, what it means to “be on Facebook” has gotten a little murky. The platform currently allows users to interact via either a personal profile or a business Page, and it can be tricky to figure out which one your business really needs in order to thrive.

It doesn’t help that these terms are often used interchangeably, even though functionally, a profile and a Page are very different.

Stay on schedule and on budget with these tips

Scope Creep: It’s the bane of every project manager’s existence.

If you’ve been a PM for very long, we’re willing to bet you’re no stranger to this all-too-common occurrence. For the lucky few who aren’t yet familiar, here’s what we’re talking about …

Even gig workers need to go through a vetting process

Every hiring manager knows how important it is to interview potential candidates to find the right one for the job.

But with the rise of the gig economy, today’s candidate pool isn’t quite what it used to be. More than one-third of U.S. workers freelance now, and many companies are changing their hiring policies in response to this shift.

Just because freelancers aren’t your traditional job candidates doesn’t mean you don’t have to vet them thoroughly. …

The future of work awaits

The verdict is in: Freelancing is here to stay. With more than 1 in 3 U.S. workers turning to freelance jobs as a way to pay the bills, it’s time for companies to take a long, hard look at their hiring policies.

If you want to keep up with today’s workforce, it’s either adapt or die.

If you’ve never worked with freelancers before, you may feel confused or intimidated at the prospect of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a whole new breed of workers. …

The gig economy is here, and it’s great news for your company

In most workplaces, freelancers have typically been seen as a temporary solution to understaffing or skill deficits. They’re a great way to bridge a gap between full-time hires, but when it comes down to it, most companies would still rather keep their creative in-house.

That’s all about to change.

As it turns out, freelancers can actually be your startup’s greatest asset if you approach working with them correctly. …

How to make the gig economy work for your biz

As more and more workers turn to contract gigs as a way to gain control of their careers, many companies have found themselves facing a tough decision: Adapt, or die.

And while this shift in the workforce has given many of us the autonomy we craved in a traditional employment role, it’s also left managers scrambling to learn how to work with this new status quo.

If your company is planning to start working with freelancers this year, then keep reading, because, in this post, we’re sharing 6 ways to…

Don’t believe everything you hear about the future of work

If you’ve read anything about business or employment recently, you may have noticed that freelancing has become a hot topic. That’s because more than 1 in 3 Americans freelanced in 2018 alone, a number that’s been steadily rising for the past few years.

Unfortunately, freelancing’s sudden rise in popularity has brought with it some pretty persistent myths. And since we at Covailnt have made it our mission to help freelancers run their businesses better, we’re dispelling a few of the biggest myths we’ve heard below. Which ones have you heard?

Myth 1: Freelancing isn’t a real business

Because a DIY approach isn’t always the best option

If you’re anything like most startup founders, you’re constantly looking for ways to spend your seed money more efficiently and turn a profit as quickly as you can.

Unfortunately, this often means you end up taking on tasks for which you’re not entirely qualified so that you don’t have to hire someone else to complete them. And one of the most common areas where we see this happen is design.

If you’ve been handling your own designs but just aren’t satisfied with the results, then this article is for you. …

The best virtual watering holes for the future of work

Outsourcing work to a freelancer is an increasingly popular way to scale your business or startup, especially if you’re not quite ready to hire full-time staff.

But finding the right people for the job can be a little different when working with freelancers. We self-employed folk tend to hang out in different online venues than your traditional job candidates, and if you’re not in the know, tracking down the cream of the crop can feel like an impossible quest.

Our team at Collabos are experts at hunting out the best…

A step-by-step guide to earning more in less time

Earn More in Less Time: 6 Tasks Every Freelance Blogger Should Automate

Originally published at on December 28, 2018.

There’s more to being a freelance blogger than just writing helpful content.

As a freelancer, you’re running your very own business of one, which means that everything from marketing and branding to sales and accounting is on your shoulders.

(And if you haven’t made the leap yet from side hustle to full-time freelancer, you’re probably juggling all of the above and a full-time job.)

But if you’re not careful, all of the administrative and marketing tasks that go into running a business can…

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